Bed & Breakfasts / Inns

We've been working closely with innkeepers for nearly 10 years, helping each to establish a broader, more profitable online presence.

Hotels & Resorts

We will manage your hotel website and promotion so that you can focus on your strength - taking care of your guests.

Non Hospitality

We gladly serve clients who are not part of the travel or hospitality industry. The fundamentals of internet marketing are the same.

Recent Posts

The Peabody Ducks: Branding with Feathers


In 1933, the General Manager of the famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis placed three ducks in the Grand Lobby fountain of the hotel. What was intended to be a silly prank became an instant sensation with guests, both young and old. “The Peabody Ducks” were there to…

Copy Writing for Personality Types


Copy writing is truly an art form. It is the art of communicating. It is the art of influence and persuasion. Copy writing can turn a skeptic into a believer and a reader into a customer, or it can repel just as easily.

Common knowledge within the sales and marketing…