About Keyhole Promotion

What We Do:

Keyhole Promotion is a boutique internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design company. We are able to assist both small and large clients to improve Search Engine rankings, the effectiveness of websites, the quality, and the quantity of internet traffic.

Who We Are:

Keyhole Promotion is owned and operated by Chris Adema. Although Chris currently manages the majority of online marketing services and client contact, Keyhole Promotion also sub-contracts with a handful of experienced website designers, marketing consultants, and copy writers to ensure professional, seamless work at less cost. Our valued clients have the benefits of a smaller, more intimate operation coupled with the experience of multiple independent contractors.

Why We’re Different:

The promotion of a website on the internet requires only a couple of important ingredients: the right tools and the right knowledge. Fortunately, the tools and knowledge are largely found within the internet itself. A larger firm, therefore, has very little competitive advantage over an experienced consultant.

  • Experienced and Efficient

Keyhole can deliver the same work, with the same results, using the same tools for 1/3 the hourly rate charged by many larger marketing companies.

  • Affordable

Keyhole is free from the overhead burdens of billing departments, expansive office space, complex and cumbersome operating systems, and internal tech and programming support. This enormous savings is passed on to you, the client, in the form of greatly reduced cost for services rendered.

  • Personal

Clients will enjoy a single point of contact and one business relationship to foster rather than dealing with multiple departments and unfamiliar persons when needing customer care.

  • Available

Keyhole does not charge for client consultation, questions, or project setup and management. We view these as a necessary investment in our business relationships. We keep a manageable workload so that clients never feel disregarded or short changed.

  • Flexible

Keyhole Promotion is not bound by an hourly rate or allotted time on client accounts. Although we use an hourly rate as a means to estimate the cost of a project, we are committed to doing the job properly regardless of budget constraints.

  • Organized

For clients on a monthly revolving marketing plan, Keyhole will furnish only ONE clearly itemized invoice to cover services rendered and third party advertising fees so that you won’t feel “nickeled and dimed” or presented with an accounting nightmare.