How We Work

Ongoing Effort

We will work continuously on your account, rather than offering a-la-carte services and then stopping. Our efforts will be determined by your goals and needs, outlined in your marketing plan, and, much like your business, will be a continuous work in progress. The amount of time designated to your account each month will be determined by your budget.

No Long-Term Contracts

Good relationships should never feel like a trap.

Keyhole Promotion strives to foster ongoing, long-term relationships with our clients, but we do not lock our clients into contracts that commit them to a year or more of working together.

Charged Monthly

We keep it simple. No surprises. No accounting nightmare. Our preferred client arrangement is to furnish a single, monthly invoice with line items for our services and third party advertising costs (google, yahoo, directories, email marketing, etc). The balance due is auto-charged on the same day each month, and all budgets are set by the client ahead of time.

Same day. Same charge. Every Month.


Beneficial Partnerships

The reality is that we see the greatest success when we are partnered with clients that understand the need for an ongoing, long-term investment in their online marketing efforts, and budget accordingly. The internet is ever changing. Your commitment and our work must reflect that reality.

Contact Us

If this type of arrangement is what your hospitality business needs, please call us at 616-402-3213 or email