How We Work

Ongoing Effort

Marketing is a long game – we look to establish ongoing relationships with our clients, rather than simply offering a-la-carte services and then stopping. Our work will be determined by your goals, needs, market, and budget.

No Contracts

Good relationships should never feel like a trap – we don’t lock clients into long term contracts. We’ll work together for as long as it feels right and mutually beneficial. That being said, our average client has been with us for 5+ years.

Charged Monthly

We keep it simple – No surprises, no accounting nightmare. Our preferred client arrangement is to furnish a single, monthly invoice with line items for our services and 3rd party advertising costs (Google, bing, directories, etc). The balance due is auto-charged on the same day each month, and all budgets are set by the client ahead of time.

Same day. Same charge. Every Month. Simple.

A Partnership

We see the greatest success when we are partnered with clients that understand the need for an ongoing, long-term investment in their website maintenance and online marketing, and then budget accordingly. The internet is ever changing – your commitment and our work must reflect that reality.

Contact Us

If this type of arrangement sound good to you, please call us at 616-402-3213 or email