Website Design

Keyhole Promotion can create a professional website for your business, giving you a best-foot-forward online.

But… attractive design is simply not enough. A website is useless if your business can’t be found in Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It’s not a marketing tool if you’re buried in the rankings. That’s why we design each site with Search Engine Optimization at the forefront of our thinking. It offers no guarantee of immediate success, but it’s a strong foundation to build upon. Crucial even.

And… what good is a website if you can’t track your visitors? Our designs will include Google Analytics setup and implementation, so you can gather data from year to year: how many visitors? where are they coming from? what do they look at when they arrive? You’ll be able to answer these questions and more.

Free Design Offer

We are currently offering FREE website designs to new marketing clients who spend $200/month or more in ongoing internet marketing services. There are limitations to this offer of course, but we’re happy to discuss your needs further. Please contact us.