1906 pine crest inn cabin

Client Spotlight: 1906 Pine Crest Inn

This historic Inn offers 36 guest accommodations of various types – rooms & suites, cabins & cottages, each uniquely appointed. Visitors can enjoy romantic, intimate lodging for two, or larger lodging for families, groups of friends. All stays at 1906 Pine Crest Inn enjoy breakfast included, either in the onsite restaurant, or delivered to you room for breakfast-in-bed.

recommended bed and breakfast directories

Recommended Bed & Breakfast Directories

In days gone by, Internet Directories were a popular and effective tool for online marketing, but in most cases that’s no longer true. As Search Engines have improved, paid directories have faded into the past, becoming largely irrelevant.

There are, however, some exceptions in each industry. The following resources still offer value for bed and breakfasts and inns.

7 ways to market your small business by thinking outside the box

7 Ways to Market Your Small Business by Thinking Outside the Box

When marketing a small business, having a limited budget can sometimes prevent you from using some marketing strategies. But, there are plenty of alternatives.

If you don’t have heaps of money to spend on marketing, here are seven outside-the-box ideas to reach customers that are cost-effective and highly effective.

brand bucket workers

Why Does Blogging Help Improve Brand Reputation?

As one might expect, brand reputation is a crucial element of any successful business.


Because your brand reputation defines the way, consumers will view your business and the goods and services you provide.

Blogging is a tool that many modern, successful businesses use to connect with their audience.

Therefore, many businesses blog about relevant events and related topics within their niche market, allowing them to provide their audience and potential customers with the information they’re already looking for.

bed and two pillows at bed and breakfast

What do Guests Want from Your Inn?

This is the million dollar question, frequently asked at association gatherings.

Industry studies and guest surveys repeatedly offer the same answer – YOU, the innkeeper are the single most important attribute in guest satisfaction.

what is an html sitemap

What is an HTML Sitemap?

An HTML Sitemap is an actual page on a website that can be visited by both humans and Search Engine bots. On this page is published an organized, usually bulleted list of all of the pages of the site, with links to each page. It’s basically a clickable table of contents.
It’s an old tool, but still relevant. Here’s why…

Bed and Breakfast Industry Statistics

These Bed and Breakfast Industry statistics from PAII makes clear that innkeeping is most often a couple’s venture, and they live on site in primarily rural or village locations.

Client Spotlight: Jeweled Turret Inn

The Jeweled Turret has been with Keyhole since our beginning – 10 years ago! In this time we’ve been through 3 iterations of their website, with the most recent responsive Wordpress site going live in 2018.

local travel websites links traffic bookings

Local Websites: Links, Traffic, & Bookings

Google has 90% of the Search Engine market share, and most see Google as their top referrer of traffic, far above any other resource – so the 800lbs gorilla gets all of the attention.

The problem is that so often business owners forget (or don’t know) that other resources play a huge role in how highly a website will actually rank in Google. This is a difficult to quantify, but very import benefit in seeking out and being listed on other websites. Your presence in secondary, oft-overlooked resources can heavily influence your presence in the primary Google race.

five breakfast wins

5 Inn Wins for Best Guest Satisfaction

What do guests really want from an inn or bed and breakfast?

This is the most frequent and fundamental of all questions asked by innkeepers everywhere – at seminars, association meetings, and during offseason sleepless nights. Studies examining the innkeeping industry conclude again and again that service comes first.