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BrandBucket: Pre-Built Brands For Sale

“For creative types [branding] is a fun process, but for the left-brained it’s just a hassle.”

Starting and building a business has many catch points and moments of frustration; one of the first for budding entrepreneurs is the naming and branding process.

For creative types this is a fun process, but for the left-brained it’s just a hassle. Name the business, find out if the domain is available, acquire domain, wrestle with color scheme, and then find a designer to craft a professional logo – it’s frustrating and time consuming. At this stage of the game, time is often in short supply. But it’s important. Branding is foundational.

Enter BrandBucket.

This unique business offers, quality, unique pre-built brands that include name, logo, color scheme, and domain in one simple transaction. Search by keyword, category, number of letters, or price. Even if you’re not inclined to purchase, BrandBucket is an excellent place to simply brainstorm ideas.

Domain transfers take 1 – 8 days once payment in received; they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and bank wire transfer.

Happy branding.