duplicate content matters for seo

Duplicate Content Matters

Your website absolutely needs uniquely written content. Too often business owners will copy bits and pieces of content from other websites – it’s easy, but it creates the problem of duplicate content.

What is duplicate content?

sell your region

Sell Your Region

Every vacation begins with a mental image of warm sandy beaches, snow capped mountains, bright city lights, or the rolling hills of wine country. Each vacation starts with the dream of a destination. It is a destination, or rather the impression of a destination, that people are seeking as they plan their much needed escape. In general, it is not the lodging that travelers are drawn to, but…

copywriting for personality types

Copy Writing for Personality Types

Copy writing is truly an art form. It is the art of communicating. It is the art of influence and persuasion. Copy writing can turn a skeptic into a believer and a reader into a customer, or it can repel just as easily.

Common knowledge within the sales and marketing world holds that the majority of purchase decisions happen at an emotional level. Therefore, if you are writing sales copy that fails…