sell your region

Sell Your Region

“…it is paramount to align yourself with the region in which you are located… sell your accommodations by selling your locale.”

Every vacation begins with a mental image of warm sandy beaches, snow capped mountains, bright city lights, or the rolling hills of wine country. Each vacation starts with the dream of a destination. It is a destination, or rather the impression of a destination, that people are seeking as they plan their much needed escape. In general, it is not the lodging that travelers are drawn to, but the region in which the lodging exists. No one goes to New York City to stay at a hotel; they stay at a Hotel while they visit New York City. In trying to draw guests it is paramount to align yourself with the region in which you are located. You need to sell your accommodations by selling your locale. This can be done by considering the following tips.

Describe Your Surroundings

Although your website should certainly describe accommodations and amenities with great clarity, it should also be resource for describing the surrounding area. The fact that you just painted the walls and purchased new sheets may be a source of pride for you, but website visitors just simply don’t care. They want to read about the great restaurant next door, the beaches around the corner, majestic views from the balcony, and how quaint and unique the local shops are. Your site should eloquently describe, and have relevant links, to these surrounding businesses and activities. Give website visitor’s what they want and you will be successful.

Partner with Local Businesses

Consider creating affiliations with local restaurants, businesses, and services. Especially in a highly competitive area, many businesses will be happy to offer discounts for regular referrals. Then, build packages around these business relations and offer to schedule the activities for your guests. Convenience sells. Utilize it. Create a dinner and sleigh ride package, a stay and ski package, a massage and brunch package; whatever works! If a website visitor can plan an entire vacation from your site, bookings will benefit and referrals will come flooding in.

Align Your Brand

Each region has a brand image of sorts. Mexico stirs visions of sun, surf, and palm trees. Italy induces dreams of cobble stone streets, wine, and romance. Few visitors envision budget lodging while day dreaming about Aspen, even if that is what is in their price range. Your brand image must be aligned with your greater regional image. Failing to do so will cost bookings.